Iblog, Youblog, Weblog

Hello world! I’m going to use this page to keep track of what’s been updated on my site and what changes I’ve got planned for the future. For one thing, I’ll want to change the style of this blog. Second, add these “headlines” to the front page.

One major thing I want to do is make all of these pages dynamic. Right now, almost every page is just static HTML. That’s why it doesn’t get updated as much as I would like.

Well, that’ll all change in the future. I’ve been learning a lot of PHP and MySQL lately. One day this whole site will be converted to be generated from a database. What does this mean for you? Jack squat! Well actually, it’ll be a lot easier for me to add new links and have people submit their own links if they want. Anything will be better that the usual “edit each page by hand” method I’ve been using for years.


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