October Desktop Calendar

September DesktopThe year just marches on and with it, comes October. This month Kristine Slipson provides another desktop calendar with a nice fall and Halloween theme. In case you can’t quite make it out, Al is performing Dog Eat Dog from Polka Party and behind the calendar is Darth Rubén. Of course, the 23rd is highlighted to remind you of Al’s birthday…which just coincidentally happens to be on the 23rd. Wow. Wacky! Do you want the fame, prestige, and free ham* that you get by having one of your “Weird Al” inspired desktop wallpapers make it on to this site? It’s really easy. Just read the rules and send it in for the monthly contest. It’s just that easy.

*=free ham not included

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2 Responses to October Desktop Calendar

  1. Seth says:

    I WANT HAM, and a new Al album. But ham too. Did you see the third Q&A on the new Ask Al. That kid Disgusts me.

  2. Mary F. says:

    ha i have all of his cds that are out

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