November Desktop Calendar

November DesktopOh NO! It’s NOvember! That means it’s time for another desktop calendar. This months calendar comes to us from Judith Grossinger, a first time submitter. If she can submit something and get her entry picked then you can too…maybe…if it’s good, and doesn’t look like that piece of cheese that fell behind the refrigerator last month that you forgot about and now it’s all green with bits of moldy brown and orange covered in hair and bits of Honeycombs that also fell back there too and it’s so disgusting that even the Ed Bagley Jr. clone living in your walls wouldnt touch it…wow, you’re such a slob! If you have an idea that’s better than that, make it and send it on in for December.

Note: December includes several holidays, and you may be thinking about adding elements of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanaza, Pearl Harbor Day, Boxing Day or Terri Garr’s birthday. Please try to refrain from this. Please keep you creations as non-religious and Terri Garr free as possible. They mostly don’t have anything to do with Al. You ARE free use images or depictions that reference his two holiday songs, The Night Santa Went Crazy or Christmas At Ground Zero. If you have questions, please ask first.

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  1. Sorry to mench but, it’s Ed Begly Jr. not Ed Bagley Jr. Didn’t he play John “Stumpy” Peeps in “This is Spinal Tap?” I think it was.

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