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73 Responses to FREE NEW SONG!

  1. Patti says:

    Dear duh –
    Al’s false start is there because of the awkward way the original song starts, with this weird pause between the first line, and the repeated line after that pause. Grow a clue!

  2. sam says:

    actually if you read the statement about the song,it says ROUGH RECORDING!

  3. CLB says:

    Whats up,all? Never posted before. I listened to the song. It had a few funny things but not his best. Glad it’s not on the album to be honest but nice to hear somenthing new.

  4. Patti says:

    Nowhere does it say anything about the song being a rough recording. It’s the final product, folks.

  5. Patti says:

    I meant nowhere as in on duh was posting his opinion on what he thought it was. He’s wrong.

  6. Richard Latanville says:

    I am glad it won’t be on Al’s new album. The original song is a joke in the first place. And Weird Al’s more complex than that.

    His fans are OVER 10 years and up.

    NOT 10 years and under.

  7. Jake the Snake says:

    I’ve tried all the links but none of them work

  8. Amanda says:

    I think the song is actually really good. I mean c’mon, how much more can you do to a song like that? It was funny and it made sense and it was Free!! Yay free! But seriously that song would be hard to paradize and I think he did a REALLY good job with it.

  9. Aron says:

    The song is awesome!

  10. Patti says:

    I love this song! Al sounds better than ever, and he really nailed James Blunt’singing style. Plus, the music is really good, too.

  11. black rider says:

    The song was cool, it was Al with a whole new style of singing I never heard him sing so high for that long of time. I cant wait for the album to come out so I can be one of those people that show up at wal-mart a couple hours before it opens or go to a super wal-mart at midnight just to get the album. Im glad the songs not on the album it just means that theres more songs for us to enjoy.

    For all those people who go to Al’s concert’s in new york see you all there.

  12. Supa DJ Franswah says:

    Finally! A singer who has the hutzpa to put
    that pitiful Blunt in his proper place! File under
    LOOSER! I’m glad I was not a teenager when this song came out! (I would probably commited suicide!) Life as a teen is hard!!! The questions,
    the angst (angst in your pants also!), the rejections, etc… Who needs a*#hole like Blunt to
    tell you the obvious- “you’ll never be with her”…etc…
    O.k., bloggers, Supa DJ Franswah!

  13. Cash Black says:

    “Never had a date that you couldn’t inflate”

    Really Al, you need to get out more, inflatables are so 70’s.

    BTW: It’s incredible how soft and lifelike the new plastics are. Not like a living, breathing date, but sometimes you just feel like “a cold one”.


  14. li says:

    i just heard this song in the car and came home to download it because i was laughing so hard i almost peed my pants. i’m not really a fan of al’s, but this is priceless.

    thanks, man.


  15. Craig Siv says:

    Disappointint that this song is not on the new album (must be Jame’s Blunt publishing company……….Bring on the new ALbum.
    Also what about the Weird Al Show On dvd….if anyone in Australia is reading this, it gets released here in August as well……..cant wait!

  16. ej says:

    He did this parody very well! I had a good laugh when Weird Al hit the high-notes, James Blunt style!!! (Farty Paa-aaants) Sounds like a turkey with a guitar…

  17. Stephen S. says:

    The more I listen to Al’s song, and compare it to James Blunt’s song, the more I can’t help but say, “Wow, this is one of the best parodies that Al has made.”

    Before, I wasn’t bummed that it isn’t an album song.
    Now I really can see that this song deserves to be on a “Weird Al” Album.

    Al imitates all the quirks of the original song, yet makes it enough of his own
    to show that he isn’t JUST parodying the song. He is breathing new life into it.

    okay… maybe that’s going a little too far… but, anyway…
    Keep up the great work! If this is a song that won’t be on the Album, I can’t wait to see the kind of stuff that DOES!

    PLEASE don’t make us wait much longer…

  18. kungfu fighting monkey man :) says:

    “Your pitiful…”

    woohoo! this song is great! it just craps all over James Blunt….sorry, but i dont like him…i cant wait for the weird al album! hands up, who cant wait?

    anywho, later Weird Al freaks =D


  19. Emily says:

    I like the parodies that Weird Al makes but it upsets me when people talk bad about the original artists.
    They deserve respect too, so people should stop saying bad stuff about James Blunt he is a talented artist and works hard to make his music

  20. Emily says:

    you don’t have to like someone but you should respect them the same

  21. Ace of Hearts says:

    Hey guys, if anyone was still wondering on the whole “Why did all release this for free and drop a song off of his album?” thing, well, i got the scoop. It has NOTHING to do with James Blunt himself…it has to do with his label! The jerks he works for won’t let Al parody the song, James personally wants him to but his label doesn’t…so Al is rebelling and releasing the song with the new power of TECHNOLOGY!…ok so it’s not all that NEW anymore…but still! Yeah, so there is the dirty on that…i’m like a freaking archeologist with getting all this dirty…i’m off!

  22. Ace of Hearts says:

    oh, and one last thing. STOP BAGGING ON BLUNT! I would like to stay to whom ever it was with the whole “Teen Life is so hard they don’t need Blunt telling them that they’ll never be with her” yeah…well…um…alittle more dirt from the music geek, BLUNT WROTE THIS FOR AN EX-GIRLFRIEND OF HIS YOU…YOU…well…you’re just not a very nice person now are you?

  23. blubberboy says:

    It’s James Blunt you dumb dumbs at the top.funny song

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