September Desktop Wallpaper

September desktop wallpaper
Last month, we asked you to get creative and create a calendar entry based on the cover art for Al’s new album,Straight Outta Lynwood, in stores on September 26th. There were a lot of great entries but ultimately only one could be chosen. Three time calendar submitter, Kristine Slipson gave us the cover on a nice artistic background that you should be PROUD to put on your computer RIGHT NOW. DO IT! Now in 1600×1200 goodness! After you are done admiring it, and pre-ordering your copy of Straight Outta Lynwood, why not see if you can create something for October. Hey, ya know it’s been a LONG while since anyone has submitted something of “Weird Al” in concert, a group shot with Jon, Jim, Steve and Ruben, and of course, October brings falling leaves and Halloween. There’s lots of ideas to work with and there will probably be some promotional material for the album that you might be able to get your greasy little paws on and work with. All you need are the rules for submitting a calendar. You’ll just need the October calendar and site logo. Due to the timing of the album, the entries deadline will again be extended. You can submit entries up until September 29th.  If you need a FREE image and photo editor that can save in Photoshop format, try using GIMP.
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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. A Man says:

    Sweet Stufff!! That’s awesome!
    About idea’s for the October Calendar, you forgot to mention AL’S BIRTHDAY being in the month as well!! Just an idea:P

  3. ABN says:

    Yes! I already have it on my desktop!

  4. Patti says:

    Well done, Kristine! I have it on my desktop, too!

  5. ABN says:

    Only problem is, my brother DESPISES Al{if that’s at all possible…} and keeps replacing the Al Desktops with a new one!

  6. Brad says:

    There are new Ask Al’s up on the official site!

  7. ABN says:

    Really???? FINALLY!

  8. ABN says:

    Got the new questions here, in case anybody’s too lazy to head over to the site…..

    SEPTEMBER 2, 2006

    Cliff of Somewhere Around Detroit, Michigan asks: Al, you usually only have a couple of videos for each album. Why do six (although I appreciate the extra work that you, the band and the behind-the-scenes people do so fans like me can watch more amazing videos than ever) for Straight Outta Lynwood?

    It all began a couple years ago, when my record label suggested that I consider doing a DualDisc release. At the time I thought it was a great idea, because I was all in favor of anything that would make the new album more of an event and provide more “bang for the buck” for the fans. I decided early on that I wanted to do 5.1 mixes and instrumental mixes of everything, as well as a documentary on the making of the album… but what really excited me was the possibility of doing a bunch of animated videos for the originals. I generally don’t have a lot of time to come up with videos when I’m dealing with parodies, but there are typically several months between the time I finish recording the originals and the time an album gets released, so even though I knew it would be a logistical nightmare, I figured I could pull it off… which would give the album tons of “added value” and hopefully give my originals a bit more attention than they usually receive from the general public. I also like the idea of just having a ton of videos for this album, since Poodle Hat didn’t really have any videos (unless you count “Bob”… which most people don’t). Anyway, since our budget for all these videos was very modest (to put it mildly), I wasn’t sure what kind of talent we’d be able to attract – but to my surprise and delight, some of the best animators in the world signed on to participate, just because they loved the music and wanted to be part of this project. I really didn’t give any of the animators very much in terms of direction – I wanted them all to have as much freedom as possible in visually interpreting my songs. As you probably know by now, the Academy-Award nominated animator Bill Plympton did the video for “Don’t Download This Song”… he’s a true icon in the world of animation, and he’s done several animated feature films (including “The Tune,” “I Married A Strange Person,” “Mutant Aliens” and the soon-to-be-released “Hair High”) as well as the latest Kanye West video. I was absolutely thrilled that John Kricfalusi agreed to do one of the videos – he’s a true genius and one of my all-time heros (many of you would know him as the creator of Ren & Stimpy). The folks from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show Robot Chicken did an amazing stop-motion animation piece (which will World Premiere on their show on September 24!) At this point, Thomas Lee is probably best known for animating “Star Wars Gangsta Rap” (which is one of those songs on the Internet that I’m often mistakenly given credit for)… but I have a feeling that pretty soon he’ll be more famous for his phenomenal Weird Al video – it’s really outstanding. David C. Lovelace did some terrific work as well – he’s best known for a flash-animated Internet series called “Retarded Animal Babies” (If you want to check out his other stuff online, be forewarned: it is very, very, very un-family-friendly!) And the great Jim Blashfield did a piece – you might remember some of the remarkable photo-collage-type videos he did in the ’80s (“And She Was” by Talking Heads, “Boy In The Bubble” by Paul Simon, “Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson, etc.) So we’ve got six very different and very exciting videos on the DualDisc. Plus there’s a big-budget live-action music video in the works which I’m directing, and we just found out that JibJab has agreed to put out an animated video for one of the parodies later this year. So that’s what, 8 videos on this album so far? Hope that’s enough for ya!

    John Turnbull of Kona, Hawaii asks: Hey Al! So I’ve been wondering. Did you have an alternate album cover/title picked out before the entire issue arose with “You’re Pitiful”? Any chance you’ll ever show it to us (if you had taken it already)?

    The album was always going to be called Straight Outta Lynwood and have some kind of gangsta imagery on it. I had decided on that even before I knew I was going to do a James Blunt parody, but I thought it actually would have worked very well with “You’re Pitiful.” I really liked the irony of having that kind of title and cover with such a toothless ballad for the lead parody… but as it turns out (with the upcoming Chamillionaire parody) the cover has become unintendedly appropriate. For the record, all of the photographs for the album were taken on April 22, 2006 by Michael Blackwell.

    Maria of Wilmington, IL asks: Do the letters on the license plate on the cover of your new CD stand for anything?

    The numbers and letters have several meanings – “NLY” are my daughter’s initials as well as my father’s initials. “27” is obviously my favorite number and an in-joke with my fans, but February 7 (2/7) was also my mother’s birthday.

    Lizzi K of Chicago, IL asks: Hey Al, I was wondering whose dog that is on the cover of your new album? Is it a “dog model” or a stock photo/drawing or what?

    Strangely enough, while the photographer was taking pictures of me in front of that 1967 Chevy Impala convertible, a young couple walked by with a pit bull. They said, “Hey, do you want to use our dog in the shot?” And we said, “Sure, why not?” I don’t remember the owner’s name, but the dog’s name was Dough Boy. Anyway, we wound up liking that particular shot so much that it wound up as the cover image. The picture that I originally intended to be the cover is now on the back of the CD case. There are a lot of great pictures in the package – the DualDisc comes with a 24- page full-color booklet!

    Ed of Winter Garden, Florida asks: Hey Al! Love your work, but aren’t you slipping a bit? “Don’t Download This Song?” I mean, the whole downloading music from the Internet controversy is like 5 years old, man!

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right. It’s a completely dead issue – people stopped illegally downloading songs off the Internet years ago, and the RIAA is no longer taking legal action against P2P sites or criminalizing people who share files. What was I thinking? Thanks for setting me straight. By the way, don’t forget to e-mail Neil Young and ask him why he’s still writing songs about Iraq on his new album. I mean, come on… that war is so 2003!

    Very Funny, Al!!!

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