White and Nerdy released!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Poor Al, he was probably planning on being the first one to show this to us, but most of us have already heard it. Oh well, if the album has truly been leaked, they have done a good job covering most of it up.

  2. Richard Latanville says:

    The album is leaked, I have it I am Canadian and I downloaded it even though AL urged us that’s a crime and not to do it, because of the Canadian delay, I stuck to the man (the delay situation) and got the song. I’ll sue ya and Confessions part 3 are funny the polka is well done.

  3. Relmin says:

    Im not sure what is up with White and Nerdy… I saw it yesterday on Chamillionare’s myspace. I hope Weird Al isn’t too mad about his alblum being leaked, though I definitly am not checking out any other song till the CD comes out. I suggest that in light of the leakage there should be a ban on all spoilers and downloads of songs that are are on the cd, because that is what Weird Al would want and because fans like me do not want to know anything about the CD until it is released. I really hate how I had to avoid yesterday’s comments because there were lists of songs in it that I really do not want to see until I have the CD in my hands.

  4. black rider says:

    the list of song are on weirdal.com in the arcives

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey go to youtube!!!!!!! Search for Canadian Idiot or White and nerdy Lotssa results W/ music! 🙂 SOOOOOOO HAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY! HAHAHAHA ABOOT lol

    C U Guys l8r

  6. A Man says:

    Black Riders right. Check here if you want to know the names of the songs.

    ***Rest is SORTA a spoiler, Only if you live under a rock, and if you didn’t go to the link***
    Only 2 WEEKS till WEASAL STOMPING DAY, so you(not us Canadian’s) can get your copy of the album!
    It’s CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR! Oh these silly song titles are making me feel like a CANADIAN IDIOT!

  7. Stephen S. says:

    Hey anonymous, we’ve (I’ve) been already making fun of the aboot for a while here… eh…
    Well, now, WAN for legit instead of off Chamillionaire!!

  8. Alfan94 says:

    Sorry that last post was mine i know OMG you said EH……. Stephen you wacky Canadian But the videos are cool Im behind the times 🙁 and this is my homepage cool? cool? yeah i know sorry for the idiotic post im happy now

    My Mommy loves me…..
    But not enough to let me out of school so i can go to LA and meet AL. lol

    CU L8R

  9. Alfan94 says:

    OMG OMG OMG AL is LA spelled backwards!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Patti says:

    I love this song! I definitely can relate to some of the lyrics, and he nailed the parody!

  11. JZabi says:

    even if I do decide to listen to the leaked stuff, I’ll still get the album. Al is the best

  12. Stephen S. says:

    I’m not Canadian, I just like saying aboot and eh!
    Hey A Man, that was a funny post!
    I’m sorry aboot the Canadian delay..

  13. Chris Knight says:

    A few days ago someone e-mailed my blog the MP3 of “Trapped In The Drive Thru”.

    IMHO this is the most hilarious song that Weird Al has *ever* done!

  14. Rusty says:

    YO mr. Knight???

    where can i find that trapped in the drive thru MP3 on your blog????

  15. Chris Knight says:

    NO!! I’m NOT distributing this! I don’t even know who the heck sent it. Part of me wishes I didn’t go ahead and listen to it, but I was too weak not to 🙂 All I’ll really say about it is that it runs almost 11 minutes long, that so far I’ve listened to it all the way through about a dozen times and laughed my head off every time, and that this is certainly the funniest food-related song that Al has done yet in his career.

    Oh, and Al nails R. Kelly’s style **perfectly** in this song.

  16. happysteve says:

    Yes, please refrain from trading mp3s here or asking how to obtain it and stuff. Okay?

  17. Harvey says:

    Uh oh!!!!

    battle of the weird al fans!!!!

  18. Lisa says:

    Thanks dude!!!!

  19. Chris Knight says:

    Believe me, I now wish that I had waited until the CD to listen to this song for the first time. You really should want to wait until the full glorious album comes out, and take it in as fresh as possible. I’m not even listening to “Trapped In The Drive Thru” anymore until the 26th. Remember: “all good things…” 🙂

  20. A Man says:

    Who’s got some soap? We got us a mouth to wash!

  21. Al says:

    sure getting racy..ain’t it???

  22. A Man says:

    rusty ran away like a scared little chicken

    of course he could come back under another name

  23. happysteve says:

    okay, we’re getting off topic here.  I’m afraid I’ll have to close comments here.

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