White and Nerdy Video WORLD PREMIERE!

This just in from Al’s Myspace:


Hooray!!!  Can hardly wait! And from his myspace blog:

NOTE: Just so there’s no confusion… You do NOT have to have AOL to be able to see the video. You just need to go to the AOL website, and there it will be… patiently waiting for you.

Also, VH1 will start airing the video on Wednesday – it will begin in “large rotation” (which I’m told is about 20 plays a week).

Go to his blog and let him know what you think of the video.

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34 Responses to White and Nerdy Video WORLD PREMIERE!

  1. rusty says:

    Hot diggity damn!!!!!!!

    thank you marshall mathers for making us wait three more years for a big budget video instead of those crappy animated videos.

  2. Patti says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait!!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Dang, I’m excited about the video, but I wish it would debut on iTunes or something, not on crappy AOL. Oh well, it’ll be on youtube before you know it. It’s just that AOL shows no respect to some of us mac users.

  4. rusty says:

    Aol has no respect period

    am i right people…am i right????

  5. dude says:

    this is to: steve, marty or elvis

    is there any way we can get an exact times the video will air????

  6. Weird Mario says:

    I agree with rusty that AOL is worthless.

  7. Ryan says:

    @ Rusty: Don’t diss the animated videos, they are pretty cool and I’d rather have them than nothing at all (we’re still getting a live video, so what are you complaining about?). I don’t understand why people hated Bill Plympton’s animated short for “Don’t Download This Song”. Bill Plympton is a master animator and ignorant people shouldn’t say anything if they don’t like it. By the way, Jib Jab’s video for Canadian Idiot is going to rock! I love their political cartoons.

  8. Sarah says:

    Hmm…that means some point before Monday night, I’ll need to bring myself to watch the original video for the full effect….the things I do for you, Al 😉

  9. Ryan says:

    @ Sarah: you can probably watch the “Ridin'” video on youtube or something, it’s not that great though. Weird Al’s version will destroy it ’cause he always has the best stuff in his videos. It’s gonna be awesome in HD, I’d definitely pay $2 on iTunes for it. Wish it were on the dual disc though…

  10. rusty says:

    First: aol is really worthless

    secondly….the animated videos suck really hard….sorry!!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Yeah I’m sure I can watch Ridin’ on YouTube or Launch or even AOL, but the song didn’t impress me any, and I’m sure the video will have the same effect on me.

  12. Stephen S. says:

    Wow. They just finished the video and Al is already planning to release it..

  13. A Man says:

    Wow, this should be great!
    But Rusty, how can the animated videos suck when you’ve only seen one of them??

  14. rusty says:

    #1…i love the songs “dont download this song” and “white and nerdy”.

    #2…i know they will suck…..if you’ve seen one of them you pretty much know what the rest will be like.

    #3…sarah, how long have u been an al fan??

  15. Ryan says:

    whatever, you shouldn’t really think of the animated videos as music videos, but more as extras on the dual-disc (it’s not like they will be making the rounds on MTV). I still like the animated features and they are all done by different people, one by the Ren and Stimpy guy, another by Jib Jab, and a bunch of others. Don’t judge them all by Bill Plympton’s style, which you either love or hate. Another thing, a friend of mine made a good point that Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” already sounds funny without the lyric change.

  16. black rider says:

    This is not a Al bashing site Weird Al is a god at what he’s done and Hes giving you free videos when you buy his album. Nothing that came out of Al’s mind suck or the things he aproves of. I have been a fan of Al’s for 22 years and he’s never disapointed me. So to be dissapoited with Al means you are not a real fan. He does so much for us and alot of people take it for granted.

  17. rusty says:

    If i’m dissapointed with al that means i don’t like the song.

    i’m dissapointed with the video.

  18. Ryan says:

    black rider said it perfectly, you guys shouldn’t be commenting crap like this on a fan site

  19. rusty says:

    Weird al isn’t a god…..

    he is god!!!!!!!

  20. Patti says:

    dude: The times the video will air are right in teh message, but if you want the full time zone breakdown: 9 pm Pacific, 10 pm Mountain, 11 pm Central and 12 am Eastern.

    Rusty: Like Ryan said, you can’t judge all the amimated videos by just seeing one. There were varying opions of Bill Plympton’s work on Don’t Download This Song, but the other videos are done by different animators, and I think it’s really kinda revolutionary for Al to do this for us. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Save your negative comments on the rest of the videos until after you’ve seen them. Who knows, maybe you won’t have any.

  21. ABN says:

    Thanx black rider! I needed that!

  22. Ryan says:

    Okay, weird al may be cool, but let’s take it easy on the him being god stuff…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Obviously Al is not holding much of this album under wraps. Canadian Idiot is one of the new songs on the CD, and it’s already leaked onto YouTube. The song’s there, but you have to watch non-Al video.

  24. Ryan says:

    Al is probably doing the best he can to keep the album under wraps, but some loser decided to get it leaked on the net.

  25. Sarah says:

    Rusty, I’ve been a fan for seven years….Running With Scissors got me hooked.

    I didn’t mean I didn’t love White and Nerdy…oh I hope I didn’t put off that impression…I LOVED it…and listen to it constantly!

    It’s tempting to look at the leaked stuff…but I’m only going to listen to it if it comes from Al….I want a few surprises on the 26!

    I agree with Patti on the animated video stuff. I didn’t care too much for the video to Don’t Download This Song, but I’m excited about seeing the other videos (especially Jib Jab’s, LOVE they’re stuff). I’m glad Al went with a lot of different animated styles rather than having one person do all the videos. It’s like saying since you don’t like one cheese, you don’t like any variety (horrible example, I know, but it’s two in the morning!)

  26. rusty says:

    sarah…we have the running with scissors hooking us in common..

    anyway…the jibjab video for canadian idiot “should” be good….

    i love the ones where they make fun of the dumbasses in D.C.

  27. Jon says:

    Just because someone does not like something Al has done, or approved (i.e. the Don’t Download This Song Video), does not mean you are not a “True” fan. There are plenty of songs I don’t care for that Al has done and I consider myself a HUGE Al fan. There is nothing wrong with stating you don’t like something even if it is on a fan site. There are a few songs like “Traffic Jam” or “Airline Amy”, I can’t stand those songs but it doesn’t mean I am not a true fan.

  28. Beepela says:

    Wow. Traffic Jam and Hardware Store are my two favorite Al songs of all time. Can’t imagine not liking Traffic Jam. That’s one that even my non-Al-liking friends will listen to…

    Of course they can never be REAL friends, what with all the non-Al-liking.

  29. Chris Knight says:

    White and Nerdy video has been leaked on YouTube. Just watched it. Hilarious stuff!

  30. black rider says:

    traffic jam is cool and I love Airline Amy.

  31. Mad-Man says:

    Weird Al’s best song ever is “Trapped In The Drive Thru” tied with “Everything You Know Is Wrong”

  32. Jon says:

    See, that is what I am talking about. Some of you have said you love Traffic Jam and Airline Amy, but I’m sure you have some you don’t care for as much.

  33. rusty says:

    i love traffic jam and airline amy!!!

    what’s your deal??

  34. dude says:

    i also love traffic jam & airline amy, how did this whole thing get started anyway

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