Green Eggs and Ham

Well, it’s a day that ends with a “Y”, so you know what that means… it’s time for another Retro Al moment. Today we go back to the early 90s for an unreleased parody called “Green Eggs and Ham”. To get you into the right mind frame, here is the original song and video for “Numb” by U2. You can watch the whole thing, but a minute or two should suffice.


And now, the rarely seen video for “Green Eggs and Ham” performed on the Canadian show MuchMusic:


I hope you enjoyed this Retro Al moment.

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9 Responses to Green Eggs and Ham

  1. Richard Latanville says:

    This must be the one I shared on youtube under my alias weirdalfan1980, too bad all my old videos were out of sync.

  2. happysteve says:

    yeah, but people will get the basic idea anyway.

  3. Weird Mario says:

    Wow, that was interestingly weird!!!!!

  4. Seth says:

    Vote for Weird Al on the VSpot Top 20. They took his name off the list for no apparent reason, so please vote for him as a wild card. We must stop this atrocity.

  5. Patti says:

    I love that clip! I just wanna say, I would have loved to have been one of those two girls. That is all.

  6. joshua says:

    Don’t all days of the week end with a “Y”??

  7. ABN says:

    Aye, it’s outta sync, but I thought that Al’s video was original and he wasn’t taking stuff from the U2 video, but man….talk about copyright infringment! {If he weren’t Al….}

  8. Amy Nap. says:

    I’ve always wanted to hear this Al song. This made my day!

  9. Richard Latanville says:

    My video was out of sync, they did not show the last bit where Al says “Ok that’s enough!” and shoves the man away .

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