Bloggies Nominations

Today’s the last day to submit your nominations for the 2007 Weblog Awards.   So if you’ve been waiting till the last moment, this is it!  Aside from your choices, they just need an email address to confirm you’re not some imaginary figments of a chocolate bunny surfing the net randomly.  Please nominate Yank Blog for Best Weblog about Music.  Thanks a million!

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3 Responses to Bloggies Nominations

  1. ABN says:

    I voted too…and I put you in MORE THAN ONE CATEGORY “becuase I think you’re so great…would you win this for us, Masters Elvis, Steve, and Torsoboy?” I put you in…

    1: Best Weblog About Music {as specified}
    2: Best Entertainment Weblog
    and 3: Best Weblog Overall!!

    Hope you guys win!!!!!!

  2. Seth says:

    Vote for Weird Al on the VSpot Top 20. They took his name off the list for no apparent reason, so please vote for him as a wild card. We must stop this anti-Al sentiment.

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