Aloha Al!

Here Comes the Sun by Kapo KuYa know, Al works a lot. He tries to let us know of everything he’s doing, but either things slip through the cracks, he forgets to tell us, or just wants to see who’s paying attention. In any case, a new little gem was just uncovered. According to the VERY detailed discography maintained by Bermuda and Jeff Morris, Al recently appeared on the album Here Comes the Sun or Eia Mai Ka La by Kapo Ku. The disocgraphy simply lists this as

Al plays accordion on Pua Pi Anuhea, credited as Aloha Al.

So all you who like to have complete collections of everything Al ever lended his axe to, you’ll want to be sure you pick up a copy or twenty seven of this. You never know where Al will appear next! He could be on the next …Ozzy Osbourne or Yanni (an anagram of “Nina Y”, by the way) album. Wait, no who are we kidding. That’s not gonna happen.

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  1. ABN says:

    Well, that’s great! But look what I found…


    At long last, DVDs of both “The Ultimate Video Collection” and “‘Weird Al’ Yankovic – Live!” will be available in the UK starting January 29.

    Good news for the Brits, aye?

  2. ABN says:

    Guys look…. I found this on… Follow the link…

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