Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

nprThanks to the many emails we received about Al’s recent appearance on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! show. Well, appearance is not the right word since it’s radio…and he just called in for it, but he was on in any case. You can just surf on over to the episode website and listen to the full show or just Al’s time on it. Apparently, he really know his Pia Zadora trivia.

As a quick reminder, while many people are making Super Bowl plans, they’re overlooking making GRAMMY Night plans. The Grammys are handed out a week after the Super Bowl, and Al’s up for Best Comedy Album with Straight Outta Lynwood. If you organize any parties, be sure to spread the mayonaise on the lawn!

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9 Responses to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

  1. joshua says:

    Could yall check out the video I made for “Your Horoscope for Today”????


    Tell me watch ya think of it

  2. Amanda says:

    did anyone see that white & nerdy is number 1 on the top music videos on i-tunes? it’s higher than thriller AND that stupid fergalicious thingy.

  3. Brandon says:

    Just to let you know, I heard an ad on XM comedy channel 150 today for a Weird Al special on Friday night. I am pretty sure it said 10:00 PM, but I can’t recall if that was eastern standard time. I saw nothing on XM radio website, but someone else might have heard it too.

  4. ABN says:

    Nice video Josh. I like how you categorized the celebs.

    (I’m almost positive I don’t get XM on TV, so if there IS a special, please, SOMEONE, post it on YouTube!!!!!!

  5. Patti says:

    I heard Al on that show, and it was pretty funny. Hey, he knew more about Pia zadora than I did! Wtg, Al! As far as the XM Radio show, here’s the scoop:

    Debuting this Friday, January 26, 2007 on XM Comedy
    XM 150 Stand Up Sit Down: “Weird Al Yankovic”
    As a teenager, Al began sending homemade tapes of his songs to radio host Dr. Demento. Thanks to Dr. Demento, “Weird Al” Yankovic broke into the novelty song business in 1979. The rest is history. Join Sonny Fox for an exclusive look at “Weird Al Yankovic”.

    Encore broadcasts will be on Tues. 8 AM Feb 2nd / Wed. 3 AM Feb 3rd / Thurs. 8 PM ET Feb 4th

    Friday’s show does start at 10 pm Eastern.

    Also, if you go to the XM radio website, you can try XM for 4 days on a trial basis, so all you non-subscribers can still hear the show.

  6. ABN says:

    Wait, wait….XM’s a RADIO STATION?? Oh……….Ok. I get it now..I’ll hafta do that 4-day trial. Hope I like—oh, WHO AM I KIDDING??? It’s about AL, for comedy’s sake!!!!! Of COURSE I’ll like it!!!!!!

  7. @ Joshua: Nice video, at itself. Too bad theres no animation though. Maybe if you would make them yourself, with I dunno, flash or adobe illustrator. Really funny concept, cuz I usually really hate pic. vids. This one is cool though 😀

  8. Ryan says:

    Amanda, if you ever spell iTunes with a dash again, I will take that dash and poke you in the eye with it! Anyway, yeah, it’s been the top video since they released it. I announced to y’all when it happened, but nobody seemed to care… :’-(
    Thriller is still a better music video btw (I mean, really…)

  9. joshua says:

    Uh…..Thank you to Coen Koopmans???

    and Thanks to ABN too!!!

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