Bloggies Reminder

Don’t forget, today’s the last day to vote for Yank Blog on the 2007 Weblog Awards as “Best Weblog About Music”. Polls close at 10pm Eastern.

2007 Bloggies

 In case we win, I’ve got my acceptance speech all set to go.  “I’d like to thank my hairdresser for all the hard work she’s done making sure I have the most awesomest mullet ever, my parole officer, my UPS guy, my imaginary foreign exchange friend, and umm… I guess that’s about it.  Oh and I suppose Weird Al deserves some of this credit, too.  I’ll chop up the trophy and send everybody a portion.  Thank you, good night.”

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3 Responses to Bloggies Reminder

  1. A Man says:

    Don’t worry! I Voted Lots!!

  2. ABN says:

    Well, voting’s done. Yay! Congrats, hopin’ for the best!!!!

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