One Leg Down

As ABN mentioned in a previous comment, this is posted on

The Australia/New Zealand leg of the “Straight Outta Lynwood” tour just wrapped up, and it was an overwhelming success. Thanks to everybody who came to the shows! Our North American tour starts in early May, so be sure to check our Tour page to find a venue near you (many more dates to be added)!

And now for a special bonus:

Special Offer on Official Australia/NZ Tour Merch:
To all our fans in Australia and New Zealand who attended shows where merch was sold out, or who were unable to buy for any other reason, and to the rest of our fans internationally who might like to own a little piece of Weird Al history from down under, for a VERY limited time the merch from this tour is being made available through our merch partner in Australia. For more info or to order, click here.

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5 Responses to One Leg Down

  1. Josh says:

    Well i just ordered a White & Nerdy T-shirt with tour dates on back. At the show i went to (twin towns) i bought a mug and a Album cover shirt but there were no dates on the shirt i got…actually none of them had tour dates on them when i was looking at them.

  2. JEDM says:

    Good going ABN!!

    That sucks for the fans, but it’s great for Al!!!

  3. A Man says:

    Oh man, I hope the new tour dates are posted soon! I need to know if Al’s coming to Canada, Ontario in particular, or else I need to plan to get to Pittsburgh, or Cleveland.

  4. Chrissaaaah says:

    my white and nerdy hoodie has no tour dates… unfortunate!

  5. JEDM says:

    The “White & Nerdy” hoodies don’t have tour dates on them

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