Ooh look. There’s another one of those desktop wallpaper calendar things available over at Al-oholics Anonymous. This month it’s a wonderful moment from the film UHF. These calendars are hand picked each month from entries in the create-a-calendar contest. However, there have been no entires for the past few months. It’s fun and easy to do. You don’t need to be a great artist or anything. Just scan a picture you have, add the calendar and logo and you’re ready to go! Look at the past winners to get some ideas. Of course, to submit, you’ll need to follow a few simple rules. And if you don’t have any software to create such works of art, then go download GIMP. It’s free for everyone! Good luck!

UPDATE: The calendar has been corrected with the right days. Thanks for catching that April Fools prank that was completely unintentional!

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  1. Almighty One says:

    Anyone notice that the days don’t match up to reality.

  2. Stephen S. says:

    Yes, the days are messed up.
    I assume that tomorrow they will release the proper version after they have their (April) Fool-ish fun at our expense.

  3. Almighty One says:

    Oh yeah, April Fool’s day was on the first, I forgot. Now all my good pranks went to waste.

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