More tour dates!

Seven new tour dates!!

May 30 Waterbury, CT Palace Theatre
May 31 Glenside, PA Keswick Theatre
June 1 Albany, NY Palace Theatre
Jul 13 Tulsa, OK Brady Theatre
Jul 14 McKinney, TX Myers Park
Aug 8 Columbus, OH Ohio State Fair
Oct 9 San Luis Obispo, CA Christopher Cohan Center

Whee!!! 😀

Update: Two of the dates have been updated… the McKinney TX show is now on July 14th (thanks Angela) and the San Luis Obispo CA show is on Oct 9 (not Sept).

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24 Responses to More tour dates!

  1. JEDM says:

    Well, Crap!!!

  2. Richard Latanville says:

    Keep trying, Toronto is on the map, somewhere.

  3. JEDM says:

    I’m praying for ABN, Richard, and myself….

  4. ABN says:

    Guys, look!!!!!!!! From, HALF our prayers have been answered!!!!!

    Filming for Canadian Idiot has begun!
    With a month before the US Tour begins, Al and the band have starting filming the live-action music video for Canadian Idiot! The video will be Al’s second live-action video from Straight Outta Lynwood. Watch the Canadian Idiot world premiere April 27 exclusively on!

    WHOO HOO!!!!! (Yeah, I know I’ve been posting a LOT of updates lately…it’s kinda my Internet job!)

    Editor’s note: Nope, that’s an April Fool’s joke.

  5. A Man says:

    No Canada, eh, but a video! I’m rather upset, yet happy for the video!

  6. JEDM says:

    It’s gonna wind up on Youtube after it’s released

  7. JEDM says:


    if this is a late april fools joke, just tell us

    i posted that in the forum, and people are starting to say it was an april fools joke

    I dont see it on Al’s site

    If it’s not a joke, disreguard this whole comment

  8. Seth says:

    BEST DAY EVER! Weird Al is coming to Waterbury and we get another live action video! Hooray!

  9. ABN says:

    Oh. I didn’t know that, but before it was definetly there. I guess it was an April Fool’s joke. I’m sorry, Yankers!!!! (mind if I call you guys that?)

  10. ABN says:

    Actually, I followed the link to from BNZ, and it’s not even the real website!!!!! I think the URL is “” or something. Try that, see if it comes up. One reason I’m POSITIVE this probably isn’t happening is becuse it doesn’t have the little Al sillohoutte next to the words, and the title of the annoucment isn’t in all caps, like they usually are. Anyone agree?

  11. JEDM says:

    yep..i agree..the post on the forum is now closed

  12. Eric says:

    Does any1 know how to get backstage passes for a show?

  13. A Man says:

    Oh man, that’s a double Whammy with the the video being a joke!

  14. JEDM says:

    a very bad joke at that…… 🙁

  15. Angela says:

    It says on the that he’s going to McKinney TX on July 14th, not the 27th.

  16. As the Vestibules say, “I don’t want to go to Toronto.” Someone needs to get a petition going to get Al to Toronto!

  17. JEDM says:

    If you’re gonna do an April fools joke around Al,


    sorry folks, had to vent 🙂

  18. ABN says:

    Well, here I am, JUST ABOUT in my new home in NC, and I’m fully agreeing with Josh!!!!!

  19. ABN says:

    Hey, guys. Well, here it is, from the webmaster of BNZ himself (amd not sounding a BIT like some fans would be ticked off)…

    APRIL FOOLS! Updated: April 3, 2007

    Hopefully you all got the joke! (Actually, I’m hoping at least someone SAW the joke!) BNZ’s first April Fools prank was to annouce the release of Al’s newest video Canadian Idiot. It also provided proof, via a link to “”…… or what actually turned out to be a well-crafted clone of here at BNZ. The thing that should have given it away was that the video was supposed to premiere on April 27 right here on BNZ! It was all done in good fun, of course. If you read it (and fell for it!), drop me a line.

    “Good fun”, my poodle!!!!!


  20. JEDM says:

    Ticked Off?

    You haven’t seen anything yet!!

    BTW: ABN, my site has been updated

  21. ABN says:

    Thanks Josh, I’ll check it out…

    PS: I MIGHT be going to the TX show (I’ve got family down there). YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

  22. JEDM says:

    I really hope you get to see Al!!

    He puts on one heck of a show!!!

  23. elvis says:

    Hey Steve, you’re missing the Albany concert from the Concert Finder and

  24. happysteve says:

    whoops! I added the event, but forgot to associate it to the group. Fixed now, thanks!

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