End of May update

It’s the last day of May, and to quote Stanley Spadowski in UHF, “I know how you all probably like to wait until the last minute, well this is it! This IS the last minute!!!” If you haven’t sent in your donation yet, we’re waiting for it!!

Weird Al Star Fund‘s end of May total is $18,290.11. (That doesn’t include any donations received today.) While we fell short of our goal of $25,000, it’s still quite an impressive number, considering we were totally surprised when the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce substantially increased the price only last February. Thanks to everyone who pulled together and raised money so quickly one way or another. Whether you were a first time contributor, or reached into your pockets, two, three, or more times, please give yourself a round of applause and our greatest appreciation. 🙂

You may be asking what’s in store, now that June is practically upon us? First off, don’t stop or slow your fund raising efforts at all!! It’s not too late to raise the money! It’s very important to keep doing the good work you’ve all done so far!

We’ll have some colorful clothing, and a few pieces of new unique jewelry for sale on the website or eBay soon. Plus, we have some other treats in store for later in June or July. And don’t forget to pick up some super cool merchandise at our merchandise shop. There’s something there for everyone! (And if there isn’t, let us know, and we’ll make it for you!)

Don’t forget, concert season is in full swing in the U.S. now, and soon Canada, so if you’re going to one, have a blast! And what better place is there to talk up the star fund to whoever will listen?


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