Yank Blog is 4 years old today

Wowee, Happy Birthday Yank Blog! It’s hard to believe that four years ago today, this blog started out in a tiny, dingy, dirty garage… barely powered by two hamsters and a crummy hand-me-down webserver I got from BuyMyIceCubesOverTheInternet Dot Com.  Nowadays, Yank Blog has over 4000 world-wide offices, a complete staff of 800, and currently in the works is a super-high-budget full-length action movie.     Man, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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12 Responses to Yank Blog is 4 years old today

  1. elvis says:

    Happy birthday Yank Blog! I remember when you were a young lad of only three like it was yesterday.

  2. Black Rider says:

    wow its been so long i feel like im geting old to fast because it dosent feel like its been 4 years. Happy birthday yank blog

  3. Black Rider says:

    hey elvis I still havent seen my name on the star fund im going to send more money soon so maybe my name will show up.

  4. Stephen S. says:

    Happy Birthday! I love you guys!

  5. Patti says:

    Happy Birthday, Yank Blog! And a pinch to grow an inch!

  6. elvis says:

    Black Rider, check now. And thanks!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Happy blogday! Congrats!

  8. A Man says:

    Happy BELATED Birthday Yankblog!
    I saw the most RANDOM Al message today! I was at the Hamilton Bulldogs (Ice hockey team in the AHL in Canada) game tonight, when AL comes up on the screen! He said, “LET’S GO BULLDOGS! IT’S POLKA TIME!” And of course, they played…TECHNO??? Still, it was pretty sweet, and random!

  9. elvis says:

    One thing I never understood is why we have more offices than staff.

  10. Black Rider says:

    you make mre money that way lss people to pay.

  11. happysteve says:

    Huh, I guess it does seem rather wasteful. Doesn’t it?

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