Weird jewelry

Hey ladies! Weird Al Star Fund has added two great new items to its jewelry collection. First up, we’ve got 27 pairs of “27” earrings. Available in bright glittery blue, or bright glittery silver, these handmade beauties are currently on sale through eBay. Your ears will thank you!

Handmade to your specifications, in a choice of colors, your neck will feel naked without one of these — beaded “AL” chokers! There are two styles available!

So your wrists don’t feel left out, we still have some “havaiian shirt” bracelets left! Get them before they sell out!

Need something to wear it with? Pick up a Weird Al t-shirt or two at our merchandise shop, and stay tuned for some colorful Hawaiian print pants and bottoms coming soon to eBay. We’ll let you know when they’re ready for bidding!

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