The results are in

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has made their decision. Sadly 2008 won’t be Al’s year. 🙁 I think it’s a horrible oversight. When you look at the list of nominees, it’s clear to me that Al’s name deserves to be there. If we find a positive in this, there is much more variety in the music category this year, unlike last year, where it was very skewed towards country. At least we now know that the Committee is open to considering every genre of music. And when it comes to novelty music, no one even comes close to Al.

For music the five recipients include: George Harrison (posthumous), Christina Aguilera, Brooks and Dunn, Ricky Martin and Red Hot Chili Peppers. For a complete list of this year’s nominees, please see here.

Once again, we’ll be lobbying for Al to be a part of the class of 2009. The Hollywood Chamber hasn’t heard the last from us. We knew it might take a few years coming into this, and now we’re determined more than ever to get Al his star!

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  1. Measure says:

    I am a diehard Al fan, but I have to take issue with the quote “When it comes to novelty music, no one even comes close to Al.”

    I’m sorry, but this is just not the case. I submit The Arrogant Worms, and They Might be Giants, as groups that are close to Al. I’ll give that it’s debatable whether they are as good as Al, but they definately fit the “close” definition.


  2. elvis says:

    With all respect, I love them, but The Arrogant Worms play coffee houses or community theaters, and have a small cult following at best.

    Al has sold over 12 million albums, which is the most ever by a comedy artist. Al has 40 gold and platinum certifications, and three Grammy Awards. He is a veteran of almost 1000 concerts and tours high-profile venues.

    I’ve been looking, but have yet to find anything that says TMBG has even one gold certification, any Grammy nominations, or sold anywhere near 1 million albums total (which would respectable, but still only 1/12 of what Al has sold). If you have sales figures for them, please share. They’ve been around about as long as Al, and have very loyal fans like Al does, but as far as qualifications, they’re not “close.” The one who comes closest, in sales, is Jeff Foxworthy, who has a few novelty songs, but is mostly a stand-up comedian.

  3. Stephen S. says:

    Ah man! I’m getting really impatient. I wanted to see Al get the nomination this year.
    Me sad now.

  4. Tracy A. says:


  5. Black Rider says:

    Its Horrable even on the page the people wanted Al to get a star. How long is it going to take to drill it into there worthless heads that Al deserves a star

  6. Black Rider says:

    yea todays my birthday

  7. ulsurp says:

    In response to several of the comments above, I feel obligated to point out as a fan of 3 years or so, that while some of their more popular songs may come across like novelty music, They Might Be Giants are most decidedly NOT a novelty band; it’s simply what come out of their heads, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it was written with the intent of getting laughs. In fact, many/most of their songs are quite serious and even poignant at time; they’re just infernally hard to interpret. Might I also direct you to here, from the man himself: Not trying to rant, just trying to clear up an understandable misconception. (I thought it myself for sometime, in fact.)

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