Another ditty about Homer and Marge?

Hey, remember a few years ago when Al was on the Simpsons? It went something like this
Well, if E! Online can be believed, there may be another appearance..(or two?) next season.

Springfield is once again going Hollywood, with a slew of guest stars lining up to lend their voices to The Simpsons’ 19th season. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the latter as a life coach, make their first ‘tooned out appearance on the show, while Frasier men Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney reteam for an episode. Lionel Richie, Topher Grace, Weird Al Yankovic, Steve Buscemi, Matt Dillon, Dan Rather, Maya Rudolph, Placido Domingo and Weird Al Yankovic have also signed up for the yellow treatment.

Apparently they like him so much, they mentioned him twice, or the appearance will be extra weird.

In case you never saw the full episode of “Three Gays of the Condo”, it’s available on The Simpsons – Kiss and Tell: The Story of Their Love DVD set.

Extra thanks to UHJeff for reporting this.

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4 Responses to Another ditty about Homer and Marge?

  1. A Man says:

    That’s exciting! And I was pumped for the movie on Friday!

  2. That is so awesome I wonder if he will sing a song again maybe a parody of White and Nerdy, He may have Yellow and Nerdy?


    Yeah and the new ones start the 23rd. And I think the Sundays after. So look out for him!

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