Late warning: Radio interview Friday afternoon

Rumors are that Steve Cochran on Chicago’s WGN radio is interviewing Al this afternoon at 5:38pm Central Daylight Time. Aww, but maybe you don’t live in Chicago, and you’re thinking “Wow, this would be great, but how am I supposed to listen to it?” Well, WGN is one of the largest AM radio stations around, and it can be heard in MANY MANY states on 720AM. Oh, that’s not good enough for you? Ok then. You can just go over to and listen online, provided you have realplayer installed and a computer…which if you are reading this, you are either a time traveler from the past who has come to the future searching for bacon flavored ice cream (sorry, go forward another 30 years) or you already have a computer. Tell your friends and tune in!

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  1. Brian says:

    Do you know about this interview? Or is this old? Monday, August 6, 2007 The Weird Al Yankovic Story
    Laugh USA – XM 151
    8AM ET

    XM’s Sonny chats with Weird Al Yankovic as Weird Al in honor of his Grammy nomination.

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