2008 Weird Al Star Fund calendar now available!

The Weird Al Star Fund ALendar is DONE!

Weird Al Star Fund
( click image to view all months or go to www.CafePress.com/WeirdAlStar)

This calendar was once again another community project featuring photos from a few of your fellow Weird Al fans who have managed to snag some sweet shots over the past year on the Straight Outta Lynwood tour. There’s so many great pictures out there that this just scratches the surface of what’s available, but we hope you enjoy it and display it proudly in your home, office, shack in the woods, or wherever you may need to be reminded of what month it is.

Quickie photo credits:

Cover: DrSteggy

January: DrSteggy
February: Fred/DrSteggy
March: Jigawatt/Fred
April: Kristine
May: DrSteggy
June: clockwise from top-left: Fred/DrSteggy/Fred/Fred
July: Kristine
August: Fred/Jigawatt
September: Jigawatt
October: Kristine
November: Kristine
December: DrSteggy (Background), clockwise from top-left: gtrmu, Jigawatt, Jigawatt, Fred

The new year is almost upon us! Why are you still reading this? Go buy it already!

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