He who’s tired of Weird Al is tired of life.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJTcWPQIpjU[/youtube] Raisin bread with apple sauce!
Tony Danza, he’s the boss!
Brain freeze! Brain freeze! Brain freeze! BRAIN FREEZE!

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9 Responses to He who’s tired of Weird Al is tired of life.

  1. Liz C says:

    Thats my new motto! Thanks soooo much for posting this! I had sent out a dozen texts to friends reminding them to tune in but the majority neglected to take my advice. Now they can at the very least see where my new motto comes from 🙂

  2. wrdalfn says:

    I have also adopted this as my new motto (closely followed by “Dare to be Stupid”)

  3. Saul says:

    The episode was just horrible. Just totally, depressingly, unbearably unfunny. The show has been awful for several years, but it seems that it’s just getting more and more staggeringly witless.

    It upsets me even more that the good writers never invited Al as a guest star for the 10 years he was referencing them in his work… That they left the show in the hands of blatant, totally unsubtle and talentless writers, who actually felt the need to write Al a terrible parody to Jack and Diane instead of letting him write his own song. Because, let’s face it, when you have a Grammy Award-winning musician and humorist guest starring on your weakening show, the best thing to do is write a song for him. Hey, it evidently gets you an Emmy.

    Al will most likely always be my favorite musician, but the fifteen second stint he did on this episode is simply not funny enough to justify ever watching the show again.

    People say the show is “Kind of stale.” No. It’s not the same show anymore. Not one single attribute of this series resembles the show of the same name from 10 years ago. The fact that Al couldn’t get a guest spot on his favorite show until it was hopelessly hackneyed is insulting, and the fact that the show continues to win awards regardless of writing quality is infuriating.

  4. elvis says:

    Darn! Video no longer available. 🙁 Anyone know another link?

  5. Seth says:

    Yeah, I need the video too!
    (I wasn’t feeling quite right on Sunday, and forgot to watch the Simpsons. I’m horrified with myself!)

  6. Jeff says:

    What a coincidence! It is my new motto as well. It’s my new sig on message boards as well.

  7. elvis says:

    kylan, your links don’t work either. Darn copyright lawyers!

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