Al Takes A Riff To Jurassic Park

Weird Al - Jurassic Park
In the not-too-distant future, next Sunday, A.D., there was a guy named Al. He was weirder than you or me….

And the folks at Rifftrax asked him if he’d like to add some commentary to their upcoming version of “Jurassic Park” to which Al said “ummm, sure”. What is Rifftrax? Well, Do you remember that show Mystery Science Theater 3000 where Joel (or Mike) and his two wise cracking robots were made to watch really bad movies and poke fun of it all the way through? Well, this is the next version of that. It’s like DVD commentaries, but intentionally funny. For the moment, this is really only a rumor, but it’s coming from a reliable source. So that’s basically the deal. Al will be a guest “riffer” providing commentary with a few other robots people. Perhaps he will tell them where to stick it! More details will be posted as it becomes available.

1/31 Update: Well, it’s now official. The track will be Al with Mike Nelson and will be available for purchase starting on Feb 5th.

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3 Responses to Al Takes A Riff To Jurassic Park

  1. Insert Coin(s) to Continue says:

    There’s nothing “rumor” about it. It’s 100% official. Posted on the RiffTrax homepage — and that’s never lied to us yet.

  2. ambitiously stupid says:

    RiffTrax is the greatest thing since waffles! Al and Mike Nelson are the two funniest people on the planet. This will be great!

  3. Tracy A. says:

    You cannot imagine how excited I am about this. I miss MST so much.

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