If I Had A Million Polkas

Ooh! Check out these pictures from lucky, lucky photographer Graham Hancock. Apparently, Barenaked Ladies brought Weird Al on stage to do a special POLKA VERSION OF “IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS”!!! How awesome is that? Man, I wish I could’ve heard that. Unfortunately, all we have to go on are these very nice pics of Al (in glasses?) and a spiffy looking light blue accordion… and our imaginations.

Update: No need to rely on imagination anymore! A couple resourceful commenters have tracked down the video. Too bad Al was incredibly shy and hid behind the speakers the whole time. Thanks so much Amy and Richard!


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4 Responses to If I Had A Million Polkas

  1. dwadel says:

    Are those spectacles I spy on my close, personal friend? I just got LASIK a couple years ago…doesn’t give me a good feeling of where I’ll be in a few more. Cursed presbyopia!

  2. Amy Nap. says:

    *cough* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhqyiqUe7uE *hack*weeze*cough*

    I should really get that checked out, in the mean time, you can check this out.

    Still would have liked to have been there!!

  3. happysteve says:

    hmm, my alert for new comments in moderation didn’t fire off for some reason. thanks for the find!

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