Weird Al on Morning News

The concert tour is about to start up again, so it looks like Al’s going around to spread the news.  First check out WGN Chicago where Al also takes part in their “Web Promo Only” section and goes head-to-head with their own Skip Parker.  And when you’re done doing that, run over to MyFox Detroit for their Q+A session with Al.

[thanks algonacchick for finding the Detroit link]

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4 Responses to Weird Al on Morning News

  1. Stephen. S says:

    “Eat It-thing”

  2. Patti says:

    Ooh, a thank you from Happy Steve! You’re welcome. I really liked the Detroit interview. So, he has 12 voices in his head, eh? Too funny! I found out that those tickets the reporter was talking about will be given away closer to showtime. She kinda misled me to believe they’d be given away today. Anyway, glad to have helped out. Thanks to my sis-in-law for calling me to tell me Al was on tv!

  3. wrdalfn says:

    And I’m going to the show in Merrillville on July 5th!!! Wooo Hooo! Thanks for finding & posting these interviews, it is great to see Al in action once again!

  4. On Thursday, Al will be on the nationally syndicated radio morning show “The Bob & Tom Show”. More info at

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