New Pictures Up

Woo hoo! A nice big slab of concert pictures and fan art have just arrived at Have a looksie! And there also seems to be a special treat for those who are fans of the American version of The Office on NBC. Very interesting indeed. Will Al be the new office temp hired to keep Dwight from killing Jim? Will he be gunning for Michael’s job? Will he and Pam have secret romantic trysts while Jim is stuck eating his way out of a silo filled with coconut marshmallows? Tune in next time to see!

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One Response to New Pictures Up

  1. Patti says:

    Yay! Lots of fatastic concert pics, and some cool fan art, too. Big surprise for me: my Al on a Segway cookie made it in! Totally didn’t expect it! Congrats to all the photographers and artists!

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