File Sharing is a Four-Letter Word

Apparently, MTV’s new music video site doesn’t take too kindly to the mention of file sharing sites like Morpheus or Grokster or Limewire or KaZaA. Any mention of such sites immediately gets bleeped out in the video. Thus making Al’s “Don’t Download This Song” from the Straight Outta Lynwood album sounding more profane than Bob Saget and Chris Rock combined… at least within the first minute. Here, listen for yourself:

Of course, if you want to hear the unedited version, you can always go to Al’s personal YouTube account where he’s put up ALL of his past videos for you:

Don’t Download This Song video

Obviously, MTV’s efforts to squash the existence of file sharing sites like MORPHEUS or GROKSTER or LIMEWIRE or KAZAA is working quite well. Nobody will ever even know about sites like MORPHEUS or GROKSTER or LIMEWIRE or KAZAA at all! Good job, MTV!


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8 Responses to File Sharing is a Four-Letter Word

  1. Seth says:

    That’s just ridiculous. Congratulations, MTV! You’ve made Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Ze Dong very proud today. Do you hear that clapping? That’s the sound of their applauding your censorship from the depths of hell.

    VH1 kicks your butt.

  2. Liz C says:

    That is ridiculous! To the point where it makes me wonder if it is intended to be a joke… though it is absolutely hilarious to hear one of Al’s songs bleeped. LOL! I never thought it could happen!

  3. Jim says:

    Sweet motherKazaaing eMule. Limewiring MTV morons littering cyberspace with this Bittorrenty Morpheus! What a bunch of WinMXing eDonkey-faced Morpheus-brained BearSharedogs!

  4. Ralph says:

    This has nothing to do with MTV trying to squash file sharing websites. MTV (and thus does not like giving away free advertising or product placement and won’t endorce a product just because an artist puts the name in a song. Any promotion or endorcements come from MTV’s decisions and deals with a company, not from some unafliated musician’s whim.

    You’ll notice they blur out company logos in music videos (this caused Al to put an alternate shot without “The Gap” logo in his “White and Nerdy” video) and they bleep company/product names. So unless a company is paying MTV for the advertising, the network won’t give them free ad time just because someone wrote a song with their product name in it. So if someone rights a song all about Pepsi, the trademark will be bleeped out (unless Pepsi is willing to pay for the promotion). So unless Kazaa is willing to pay for the plug, MTV isn’t going to give it to them.

    It’s MTV’s silly greed and lawyers; not some kind of crusade on file sharing.

  5. Nny273000 says:

    Little had the mindless masses of MTV followers known….
    MTV has adopted the ways of INGSOC and doublethink.
    Outer Party members of Oceania from the Ministry of Truth come to stamp out thoughtcrime.
    remember! freedom is the ability to say 2+2=4 not five!
    Down with Big Brother!

  6. happysteve says:

    Ah, makes sense. Thanks Ralph!

  7. algonacchick says:

    Thanks to werid_el from WOWAY for this bit of interesting and wtg, Al! info:

    From today’s New York Times

    In an e-mail message on Sunday, Mr. Yankovic wrote that he had bleeped out the names to the file-sharing sites in his song two years ago, after MTV “told me that they would refuse to air my video” otherwise. “Instead of subtly removing or obscuring the words in the track,” he wrote, “I made the creative decision to bleep them out as obnoxiously as possible, so that there would be no mistake I was being censored.”

    One more reason to love the man.

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