Hmm, there’s an interesting site in the works.  It’s listed on the Links page on and also on

Take a gander at

Mighty interesting… wonder what’s in store.

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4 Responses to ALSBAND.NET

  1. ABN says:

    What in the world?
    “Hear at last”? Nice 27, and quite true, but still….wha????
    I do like “Outstanding in their feild”, though. That’s freaking funny.

  2. wrdalfn says:

    I don’t know what to think. I am always happy when the band gets recognition! I also wonder why Al posted it on his links page and not the main page. Hmmmmmm……

  3. YankPhan says:

    There’s more on the new site! I’M SO EXCITED!

  4. wrdalfn says:

    Thanks for the post!!

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