AL FEST 2009 musical guests!

We’re thrilled to announce that Throwing Toasters, Jake Waters, and Tony Goldmark all will be performing LIVE at AL FEST 2009!

August 1, 2009
Orange County, CA

Tune into for all the latest updates!

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3 Responses to AL FEST 2009 musical guests!

  1. Louise says:

    I’m flying 5500 miles to come to this.. and looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing those I met last year again..
    Can’t wait…


  2. Black Rider says:

    =Im comming from new york I wonder how much they charge to get in.

  3. DJ Z-MAN says:

    They should have a al fest in san diego, ca then i would 100% can go. the date they haveing it i can’t make it.

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