Putting the AL in Halloween 2

There’s some big news a-brewin in the Twitter-sphere lately.   If you haven’t been keeping up with his Twitter, Al posted a pic of himself with a Zombie and the man who killed Captain Kirk .  At the same time Chris Hardwick, whom you may know from G4’s Attack of the Show and the comedy duo Hard ‘n Phirm, posted a pic of himself with Al on a plane ordering nine Bluetooth Puppy Sweater Warmers from SkyMall, and then himself with the above mentioned trio.

What did all this mean?

Well you can thank Greg for getting to the bottom of this…  FEAR Net reveals that Weird Al is going to do a cameo in Rob Zombie’s upcoming “Halloween 2”!!!    My guess is it will turn out that Al was Michael Myers all along.  He’ll of course go into his Austin Powers shtick and yell “Yeah, baby!” before killing people softly with his machete.   What?  No, I haven’t seen any previous Halloween movies before, why do you ask?

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2 Responses to Putting the AL in Halloween 2

  1. elvis says:

    Scary movies are scary. As tempting as it will be to see Al on the big screen again, I think I’ll wait for the video, then close my eyes and fast forward to Al’s part.

    At least you’re more informed than I am. Not only haven’t I seen any of the prevoios Haloween movies, I have no idea who that old guy in the pictures is! 😛

  2. Ludo (Louise) says:

    This is great news. Rob Zombie recognizes awesomeness when he sees it apparently. Jolly good!

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