Cyber Lucy teams up with Yank Blog

Yank Blog has inked a three year deal with CBS Broadcasting Inc. for the exclusive rights to the Cyber Lucy character.

Cyber Lucy

Al fans might remember Cyber Lucy from the short lived children’s version of Wheel of Fortune, called Wheel 2000, which aired before The Weird Al Show in 1997. Since then, Cyber Lucy has been steadily looking for work on television, but by a stroke of luck, she attended the Fifth Annual International Convention Of Collaborative Bloggers, held in Rio de Janeiro last month, where we struck up a conversation, and discovered her love for the blogoshere. We immediately invited her to join our team, and are thrilled to have Cyber Lucy as our first real time animated blogger (excluding that time Glomer hacked into our server, and rambled on and on about his fanatical devotion to his “Punky friend.”) We look forward to working with Cyber Lucy and welcome her to the team!!

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  1. happysteve says:

    I’m particularly excited about this since I’ve had a HUGE crush on her for the last year or so.

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