5 responses

  1. WeirdBren
    April 03, 2009

    LOL…very funny…had me for a minute there:)

  2. WAYFan
    April 03, 2009

    Do you always put this many AF jokes?

  3. happysteve
    April 03, 2009

    No, usually there’s just one post. This was an impromptu experiment to see how many I could make in one day. I had nothing planned the day before. Turns out it was a lot of fun. I hope to do this again next year with even more posts.

  4. WAYFan
    April 07, 2009

    Well, nice job!

  5. Angela
    April 20, 2009

    I just saw a Weird Al reference tonight! One of the main characters in the new movie “17 Again” wore a “Weird Al is my Homeboy” shirt. It was awesome.

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