Oxford Corrects Spelling of Weird

Oxford University just released news that the word WEIRD has been misspelled in the Oxford English Dictionary for quite some time now and has been corrected to WIERD.  At a press conference, president of Oxford U says “Why didn’t anyone tell us this before?  We look like fools!  Irregardless, the oversight has been fixed now to fit the I before E rule.  Also, the word HEIGHT will now be spelled H-I-T-E and FISH will be spelled as the more obvious G-H-O-T-I to avoid confusion.”

For most people, this has not been a problem as they’ve been spelling it that way anyway.  However when “Weird Al” heard the news, he was reported to have said, “Oh son of a JIBBY!  This is going to cost me billions to correct all my past albums.  Hmm, I wonder if I can just get my twitter followers to manually fix the store copies for free.”

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5 Responses to Oxford Corrects Spelling of Weird

  1. WeirdBren says:

    LOL…very funny…had me for a minute there:)

  2. WAYFan says:

    Do you always put this many AF jokes?

  3. happysteve says:

    No, usually there’s just one post. This was an impromptu experiment to see how many I could make in one day. I had nothing planned the day before. Turns out it was a lot of fun. I hope to do this again next year with even more posts.

  4. WAYFan says:

    Well, nice job!

  5. Angela says:

    I just saw a Weird Al reference tonight! One of the main characters in the new movie “17 Again” wore a “Weird Al is my Homeboy” shirt. It was awesome.

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