Welcome new blog contributor: Rainn Wilson

rainn It’s finally time we got some fresh blood here at Yank Blog and so I’m very pleased to introduce you to our newest member, Rainn Wilson.   He’s been a Weird Al fan ever since he heard ‘White and Nerdy’ when he was 12 years old and has been to over 12,000 of Al’s concerts so far.   You might remember him from the VH1 special “Just Ink Up The Place” where he proudly showed the world his tattoo of Weird Al’s former college roommate on his right pinky toe.  Also, he just recently lent his voice to the character of Gallaxhar in the awesome movie “Monsters vs. Aliens” which as I’m sure you all know was an obvious reference to Weird Al’s character as the Cabbage alien in Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories”.

In addition, he plays as the hilarious character of Dwight Schrute in “The Office”.  Not only in the American version, but the UK , French , German, Russian, Lithuanian, and Pig Latin version as well.   Rainn says he plans on posting to Yank Blog while on the computer during taping.   For those with ultra high defintion televisions, look at his monitor whenever he’s supposedly selling paper.  You’ll see the Yank Blog corporate logo in the upper left corner.   Thanks for joining our team, Rainn!  Everyone please give a warm welcome to him.

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