Twits and Giggles

If you haven’t been following Al’s Twitter, this post from 9 days ago should get your blood pumping.

Just finished mixing and mastering my 4 new songs. They’re DONE. And they start dropping next month, boy-ee.

Aww yeah!  Just another 21 days or so before we get new songs.  Woo!

Waitaminute, why the heck aren’t you following Al’s twitter?  or at the very least the RSS feed?!?  What are you, living in some kind of Amish Paradise?  Too much of a Couch Potato watching Jerry Springer and The Brady Bunch on Cable TV to subscribe???   Do I Creep You Out?!?  I’ll Sue Ya!!!  Aw don’t worry, I Was Only Kidding.  Theme to Rocky XIII!

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2 Responses to Twits and Giggles

  1. Airline Amy says:

    This post is certainly Headline News on the Midnight Star.

    Airline Amy

  2. YankPhan says:

    June 16!!!

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