Next video teaser, the animators of the video for “Do I Creep You Out” has just slammed down a teaser image of their next collaboration with Weird Al. There’s no info of what the song is about or even what the title is, but do divulge it’s one of the most insane videos they’ve ever done and it’ll hit the public on August 4th.  Awesome!  Okay, take a look at the picture and post your thought to Yank Blog.  I think it looks like pure spectacular-ness-ation.

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10 Responses to Next video teaser

  1. Airline Amy says:

    It’sh soh awesomelyh insaneh theyh evenh addedh anh extrah H afterh Al’sh lasth nameh.


  2. Black Rider says:

    well they named the photo the weird stripes so they just spoiled the style parody.

  3. Offy says:

    I think it was pretty easy to tell who was being parodied in the picture without looking at the name of the image.

  4. Ecto says:

    Interestingly, the link to picture has the picture caleld TalkinBoutWho.png

  5. Ball Peen H. says:

    Hmmm….I wonder who the image in the background is?

  6. happysteve says:

    Yeah, the White Stripes seems very likely, but I’m thinking the picture is intentionally misleading. It’s possible there’s many more artists being visually parodied in the rest of the video.

  7. Airline Amy says:

    QUOTE: “It’s possible there’s many more artists being visually parodied in the rest of the video.”

    That was my thought, too.

    Can’t wait for the 4th

  8. Alberta_27 says:

    Did anyone notice they spelled Al’s last name wrong..Hmmm..I wonder if that was just a joke or for real?

  9. Chuckles says:

    The URL has the image named “talkinboutwho.jpg.” I wonder if that’s the song title?
    The alt-text on the image, coupled with the misspelling of Al’s name, jumps out at me as being either a very badly planned teaser, or an intentionallly misleading one.

  10. Arj says:

    Next song is listed on where there is a preview as CNR.. not sure of the song it is parodying though as not a white stripes fan

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