Put Yourself In Al’s Video

Be In The VideoIf you’re a paying member of JibJab.com, then they can make your dream come true… put you in a Weird Al video.

We teamed up with Weird Al to produce the first music video that you can star in! Cast yourself and star along side Al in the hilarious, fast paced video. You may think you know Charles Nelson Reilly, the comedian and frequent “Match Game” panelist, but you don’t know jack about Chuck until you’ve seen this!

Go here to be a star!

Cost: $16 for a year’s membership, $8 for 30-days. Both auto-renews.

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2 Responses to Put Yourself In Al’s Video

  1. CJ says:

    Skipper Dan is yet to be released in the Australian iTunes. Does anyone know what the hold up is? CRaigslist and Whatever You Like have come, but no love for Dan. Just wondering.

  2. Paul Horabin says:

    It was really cool to have a Weird Al song come out my birthday this year! I awoke to an e-card from my Mum with my face in the CNR video…suffering horrible fates repeatedly at CNR’s pleasure!

    Reminded me of twenty years ago, on holiday in England. No TV, just an old transistor radio, and “Lasagna” came on…I’d heard “Eat It” of course, but that was the first time I felt in on the start of the laughs…

    I recorded Al playing accordion on a project for the singer Sarah Taylor (who did “I’ve Got Some Presents For Santa”). I was really excited that he was in the studio but I downplayed it. He’s really mellow, it was wonderful to have the accordion maestro in the studio! I was getting ready to mic up the accordion, but the Roland FR-7 V-Accordion sounded so good I just went through the API 312 pre’s on the way to tape.

    It’s funny how recognizable Al is walking down the street with an Accordion under each arm. There’s no mistaking who he is!

    The album, “The Cure To Everything” is out now, with Al on a few different songs. It was produced by Bill Mumy of Barnes & Barnes (among other things, he’s pretty creative).

    Sounds pretty good to my ears…but knowing Al played on it makes it all the sweeter!

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