The 9 Most Underrated Funny Songs

Weird Al snuck into headquarters and listed his top nine most underrated funny songs ever.   To be honest I hadn’t heard of a single one of those songs listed, but then again I’ve been living inside a gigantic pickle jar in a basement for the last ninety years.  So I’m bound to have missed out on a few things.  Holy cow, what’s this thing I’m typing on?!?

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One Response to The 9 Most Underrated Funny Songs

  1. Hmm. I hadn’t heard of these songs either. It is safe to say that few people in the world have. I’d have to guess… oh… 1,423 total. Now that I have, in fact, heard them, 1,424. It just sunk in- I am one of 1,424 people who have heard these songs… including The Great “Weird Al” himself! This is what it is to mingle with gods…

    I also noticed a list of The Parodyable Songs by The Anti-Al. I have a theory that if “Weird Al” were, in fact, to parody those songs, the effect would be akin to matter and anti-matter coming together. I can’t help but wonder: would hearing the assuredly perfect parody of Prince’s pantheon of playable pieces, even the one and only time, be worth the destruction of all reality? I think it would.

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