Weird Al Tour Begins!

Woohoo!  It’s official, the next Weird Al national tour has begun.   The first concert booked is in Costa Mesa, California at the Pacific Amphitheater on August 13th, 2010.   Go to to sign up for the special internet pre-sale to get early access to purchasing tickets.

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3 Responses to Weird Al Tour Begins!

  1. Nick Burns says:

    Done and done and in the Pit with VIP tickets!

  2. Skipper Dan says:

    I know it says nationally, but I HOPE Al breaks through the border and hits up Toronto! If not, Buffalo or anywhere in Michigan would be appreciated 🙂

  3. Jamal Lucas says:

    “Weird Al” Yankovic is the best man in the world that has given more and more and more to the music industry than any other artist thats out there and the only thing that he asks in return that we the people like no love His music so that he will still be able to make more and even when his worst selling album “Polka Party” was released in 1986. Did that make him give up no sir it did not so “Weird Al” Yankovic if you could, Im asking you could you please come perform anywhere in North Carolina and If you cant thats fine I can just listen to your GENIUS Music at home like I “Al”ways do because no matter where you are, I know that to you Family And Fans are most important

    “Weird Al” Yankovic Forever And Always

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