Yank Blog Merchandise

That’s right kids, we’re selling out big time! Be sure to rummage through your parent’s wallets and purses and buy all our newest stuff like: Yank Blog Beer! Yank Blog Bags O’ Sugar! Yank Blog Books I’ve Already Read! Yank Blog Alpacas! (get one as a pet OR meat).  Yank Blog Bluetooth-enabled Dog Feeders!  Yank Blog plushies (modeled after your favorite YB author… no the other… NO the OTHER ONE)!  Yank Blog Trilobites!  Yank Blog 4-Dimensional HDTVs now in color.  Yank Blog autographed posters of Lady Gaga!  Yank Blog hundred dollar bills now half-off!  Yank Blog 99% Edible Energy Bars!  Yank Blog copper engravings of Abraham Lincoln ($50)!

What are you waiting for?  Buy! Buy! Buy!

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One Response to Yank Blog Merchandise

  1. elvis says:

    Hey, my Yank Blog Alpaca ate my Yank Blog Bag O’ Sugar and drank all my Yank Blog Beer!

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