Hanson Video

The Hanson video is out now!  See if you can recognize where Weird Al is:


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3 Responses to Hanson Video

  1. Airline Amy says:

    Dude!! I cannot get enough of this video. Weird Al was amazing. The Blues Bros. tribute was a great decision! I really hope this song/vid. rockets Hanson back into the spotlight again. (Did I just say that? Yes, I did.)

  2. Ball Peen Hammer Time says:

    It is great to see Al performing, but I am so glad he did because I would have never voluntarily listened to a Hanson song. That would have been a shame because this song is awesome. I keep playing the video over and over. I might actually buy the album when it is released.

  3. RockyHorror says:

    oool video

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