Powdered Bone Slime

OH NOOOES!!1!!!1!  This just in!  Breaking news!!!  Weird Al, who has been a vegan since 1992, has been tricked into drinking powdered bone slime!  GASP!!!

Yes, according to The Washington Post, his 2003 concert rider (page 5) specifically requests two bottles of good Chardonnay, especially Yellow Tail brand.  However, the Vegetarian Star reports that this particular brand uses gelatin (an animal byproduct) as part of the finishing process, thus making it not vegan-friendly.

Of course, the drinks specified in the rider aren’t just for Al alone.  That is unless he consumes all 48 cans of bottles of beer, plus two bottles of good red wine, AND the two bottles of Chardonnay after each show by himself.    Hmm, maybe.  Heck, that’s just a Tuesday night for me.

Anyway, where was I going with this?  Hmm, I forget.  Well, I got half a buffalo on the grill and a keg of vodka waiting for me.   Ta ta for now.

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  1. Saaxton says:

    What? No Lasagna?!?

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