Puppy Love

Weird Al tweets:

Today is the day that the shelter WOULD have put down our new dog. You hear that, Bambu?? You OWE me!!

Hee hee.  Well, here’s several ways that Bambu could repay Al…

  1. Bark just before Al takes a bite out of a really old lingonberry muffin, thereby saving his life.
  2. Stop burying Al’s Grammys in the backyard.
  3. Whiz on the grave of his arch-nemesis:  Rue McClanahan.  Not the actress, someone else.  She knows what she did!
  4. Cold hard cash.
  5. Become radioactive, then bite Al’s pinky toe, thus giving him awesome superpowers like mind-control over fleas (including the musician).

There, that should just about cover it.  Any other ideas on puppy payback?

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