The (Gaga) Saga Begins

Celebrity gossip site TMZ has an article:

Lady Gaga is adamant … she did NOT ban Weird Al Yankovic from parodying her hit song “Born This Way” — despite Al’s accusation that the pop star shut him down hard recently.

And the New York Times managed to catch up with Al shortly after the song was posted. So they got to dig deep, peel back the layers, and expose the real Al and the story behind the story. What will happen next in this saga? Will she publically announce her blessing for this song? Would she make a guest appearance in a video if she did? Will she reveal she’s really Justin Bieber’s mother? How should I know?

Of course, none of this should really matter since Al originally got permission for Madonna to do a parody of her work over 20 years ago. #addingfueltothefire.

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