A busy week for Weird Al Star Fund

Hey, I hope everyone is doing well. I thought I’d give you an update on a few things going on recently since I haven’t posted here in a while.

1. We’ve nominated Al once again for 2012! The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is expected to make their decision in June. So cross your fingers, uvula, and pancreas that this is Al’s year.

2. Speaking of, if you haven’t heard by now, at the end of last year, the Hollywood Walk of Fame unexpectedly raised their price to $30,000. That leaves us just over $5,000 short again. Please visit our donation page at www.weirdalstar.com if you can help.

3. We finally got ourselves a Facebook page. So please come over to www.facebook.com/weirdalstar and give us a like, and share with your friends.

4. There’s a great brand new Weird Al tribute album coming out any day now. The album contains over an hour of amazing Weird Al tribute songs as performed by people like MC Frontalot, Shael Riley, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, mc chris, Steve Goodie, Al’s Band, MC Lars and many, many others. You can preorder and get more details over at www.weirdaltribute.com. A portion of their sales are being donated to the Weird Al Star Fund.

5. And speaking of tributes, there another Weird Al Star Fund benefit show planned for July 13 at 8 PM at diPiazza in Long Beach, CA. Raymond & Scum, Tony Goldmark, Throwing Toasters, Dino-Mike, and TV’s Kyle will be performing. More details can be found at www.weirdalstar.com/tributeshow2011.html. A portion of their ticket sales are being donated to the Weird Al Star Fund as well.

That should keep you guys busy until next update. I’ll be in touch if any other big news breaks. Enjoy the ALPOCALYPSE on June 21!

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