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Weird Al Becomes a Tranny?

Recently, the following conversation took place: Torsoboy: Huh, we still haven’t posted a news item about Al in the Transfromers. HappySteve: Transformers? What are you talking about? Torsoboy: I dunno. Our friend Devo was telling us that Al is … … Continue reading

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Seth Green’s Geek Love

So why is Seth Green mentioned in a blog about “Weird Al”. Oh no reason except for the first line of an article which reads: You know you’re a geek when you’re asked to speak on ”Weird Al” Yankovic’s upcoming … Continue reading

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Late warning: Radio interview Friday afternoon

Rumors are that Steve Cochran on Chicago’s WGN radio is interviewing Al this afternoon at 5:38pm Central Daylight Time. Aww, but maybe you don’t live in Chicago, and you’re thinking “Wow, this would be great, but how am I supposed … Continue reading

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Another ditty about Homer and Marge?

Hey, remember a few years ago when Al was on the Simpsons? It went something like this [youtube][/youtube] Well, if E! Online can be believed, there may be another appearance..(or two?) next season. Springfield is once again going Hollywood, with … Continue reading

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Getting Weird in Philly

Wind up your radios everyone. Roving reporter, UHJeff, has let us know that Y-Rock on WXPN in Philadelphia will let our pal Al take over their radio airwaves this Friday. It even says so on their page: Straight outta Lynnwood … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh concert likely cancelled.

Bad news for folks who got their tickets to see Weird Al at the the Amphitheatre at Sandcastle on July 7th. According to this press release the amphitheater will not open this year. Therefore, look for an official announcement soon … Continue reading

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Ooh look. There’s another one of those desktop wallpaper calendar things available over at Al-oholics Anonymous. This month it’s a wonderful moment from the film UHF. These calendars are hand picked each month from entries in the create-a-calendar contest. However, … Continue reading

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Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Thanks to the many emails we received about Al’s recent appearance on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! show. Well, appearance is not the right word since it’s radio…and he just called in for it, but he was on in any … Continue reading

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Aloha Al!

Ya know, Al works a lot. He tries to let us know of everything he’s doing, but either things slip through the cracks, he forgets to tell us, or just wants to see who’s paying attention. In any case, a … Continue reading

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Bad News – Bohemian Rhapsody

Ya know, back in 1992, a year before the release of Alapalooza, on the 6th installment of Al-Tv, a video for Bohemian Rhapsody was played. But it wasn’t by Queen. Oh no it wasn’t. Instead, it was this classic gem, … Continue reading

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