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Happy 55th Birthday, Al!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, everybody! — Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) October 23, 2014

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Jason Mraz says dream duet is with Weird Al Yankovic

Before one of his concerts in Texas, Jason Mraz shares his dream in an interview with the Dallas Morning News… If you could choose anyone to sing a duet with, who would it be? Weird Al Yankovic. I grew up … Continue reading

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EW’s The Stories Behind The Songs

In anticipation of the upcoming album “Mandatory Fun”, Entertainment Weekly just put out an amazingly extensive article providing back stories to many of Weird Al’s songs spanning 35 years. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: The Stories Behind The Songs

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A Long, Long Time Ago…

Fifteen years ago today to be exact, Weird Al unleashed his tenth studio album “Running With Scissors” to the world.

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Mandatory Fun Update

You’ll be able to pre-order Weird Al’s upcoming album “Mandatory Fun” on Tuesday July 1st.   There will not be a “lead single” this time around.  All twelve singles will be released on Tuesday, July 15th. Source: Tweet #1 and Tweet … Continue reading

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Epic Rap Battles of History

Ever wonder if Bill Nye the Science Guy were to throw down lyrically against Sir Isaac Newton?  Well, wonder no more!

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The (Gaga) Saga Begins

Celebrity gossip site TMZ has an article: Lady Gaga is adamant … she did NOT ban Weird Al Yankovic from parodying her hit song “Born This Way” — despite Al’s accusation that the pop star shut him down hard recently. … Continue reading

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Vogue declares Poodle Hats all the rage

Photo by joshjanssenAll across Antarctica, people are grabbing live poodles and balancing them gingerly atop their heads.  Why?  Vogue Magazine finally published the results of a 50-year web survey asking college students in Northern Wisconsin what they’d like to see … Continue reading

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A really fine jelly bean and pickle sandwich

For what it’s worth, a new documentary film on the founder of the Jelly Belly brand jelly bean is just being released. To you, this news probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, but if you watch the trailer … Continue reading

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An interview for English, baby!

So Al has been doing all sorts of interviews to promote his new book When I Grow Up. It seems like things are going pretty well, and here’s another interview from the folks over at English, baby. [youtube][/youtube]

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