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Now available: Yank Blog the Board Game

We are proud to announce the greatest board game ever to have been invented since the dawn of time…  Yank Blog the Board Game!  Catchy title, eh?  It is currently available at our mega store in Times Square and at … Continue reading

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Yank Blog holding auditions for Superbowl commercial

At long last, my vision is coming true.  We just inked a deal to get some airtime during the Superbowl next month to advertise Yank Blog to literally trillions of viewers.   That’s right, 1000x more than the population of the … Continue reading

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Going out of business sale

Unfortunately, times have been tough and the cost of running this billion dollar company is just ten bucks past my budget.  So EVERYTHING MUST GO!  Starting now, every Yank Blog post is on sale for the low low price of … Continue reading

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Another year already?!?

Let’s see… what to post…  How about Yank Blog being sold to Nah, too cliché.  How about breaking news that Prince finally allows Al to parody a song… one by Dolly Parton?  Hmm, that one might actually happen.  Ooh, … Continue reading

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Virus Alert!

You’d better back up your hard drives and protect your backups. There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Conficker worm virus that’s going to wreak havoc on the world on April 1st. It’s rumored to do all sorts … Continue reading

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ImprovBoston’s UHF Celebration

Just got this in my email that those of you in the Boston area would be interested in… improvboston presents………. The 20th Anniversary Celebration of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s UHF “……We’re the number ONE Station in town!……” Contact: ImprovBoston Box Office … Continue reading

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Dang, now I want one

This is why you’re fat. – Twinkie Wiener Surprise Hot dog with twinkies for….

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Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

Hey would ya look at that! Today is Al and Suzanne‘s eighth anniversary! Big congrats to them from EVERYONE on the Internet. Yes, that even means Leroy Finkelstein over there hiding in the corner. We see you. But the good … Continue reading

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Al Gets Covered

To celebrate Al’s birthday, the Coverville podcast devotes an entire episode to Weird Al Yankovic.  Most are other people’s covers of Al’s songs, and then there’s also Alternative Polka.  It’s an interesting way of listening to just a few of … Continue reading

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