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April 01, 2011

Yank Blog now requires paid subscription to read

Grass on the Dog VI
Photo by Terry Bain
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  Yeah, right.

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April 01, 2009

Cyber Lucy teams up with Yank Blog

Yank Blog has inked a three year deal with CBS Broadcasting Inc. for the exclusive rights to the Cyber Lucy character.

Cyber Lucy

Al fans might remember Cyber Lucy from the short lived children’s version of Wheel of Fortune, called Wheel 2000, which aired before The Weird Al Show in 1997. Since then, Cyber Lucy has been steadily looking for work on television, but by a stroke of luck, she attended the Fifth Annual International Convention Of Collaborative Bloggers, held in Rio de Janeiro last month, where we struck up a conversation, and discovered her love for the blogoshere. We immediately invited her to join our team, and are thrilled to have Cyber Lucy as our first real time animated blogger (excluding that time Glomer hacked into our server, and rambled on and on about his fanatical devotion to his “Punky friend.”) We look forward to working with Cyber Lucy and welcome her to the team!!

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June 03, 2007

Yank Blog is 4 years old today

Wowee, Happy Birthday Yank Blog! It’s hard to believe that four years ago today, this blog started out in a tiny, dingy, dirty garage… barely powered by two hamsters and a crummy hand-me-down webserver I got from BuyMyIceCubesOverTheInternet Dot Com.  Nowadays, Yank Blog has over 4000 world-wide offices, a complete staff of 800, and currently in the works is a super-high-budget full-length action movie.     Man, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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April 01, 2007


Ooh look. There’s another one of those desktop wallpaper calendar things available over at Al-oholics Anonymous. This month it’s a wonderful moment from the film UHF. These calendars are hand picked each month from entries in the create-a-calendar contest. However, there have been no entires for the past few months. It’s fun and easy to do. You don’t need to be a great artist or anything. Just scan a picture you have, add the calendar and logo and you’re ready to go! Look at the past winners to get some ideas. Of course, to submit, you’ll need to follow a few simple rules. And if you don’t have any software to create such works of art, then go download GIMP. It’s free for everyone! Good luck!

UPDATE: The calendar has been corrected with the right days. Thanks for catching that April Fools prank that was completely unintentional!

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February 02, 2007

Bloggies Reminder

Don’t forget, today’s the last day to vote for Yank Blog on the 2007 Weblog Awards as “Best Weblog About Music”. Polls close at 10pm Eastern.

2007 Bloggies

 In case we win, I’ve got my acceptance speech all set to go.  “I’d like to thank my hairdresser for all the hard work she’s done making sure I have the most awesomest mullet ever, my parole officer, my UPS guy, my imaginary foreign exchange friend, and umm… I guess that’s about it.  Oh and I suppose Weird Al deserves some of this credit, too.  I’ll chop up the trophy and send everybody a portion.  Thank you, good night.”

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January 28, 2007

Bloggies Finalist

2007 Bloggies

Wow! You readers are the greatest! Apparently Yank Blog is one of the top 5 sites for “Best Weblog about Music”. Woohoo! Like they say, it really is an honor just to be nominated. Thank you so much, everybody. Hmm, I gotta say, this ain’t too shabby for a blog with a very tight niche. Now for the tough part, beating those other four music sites down to a bloody pulp and running off with the coveted award. Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Friday, February 2. Once again, thanks to all who voted.

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January 10, 2007

Bloggies Nominations

Today’s the last day to submit your nominations for the 2007 Weblog Awards.   So if you’ve been waiting till the last moment, this is it!  Aside from your choices, they just need an email address to confirm you’re not some imaginary figments of a chocolate bunny surfing the net randomly.  Please nominate Yank Blog for Best Weblog about Music.  Thanks a million!

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January 06, 2007

2007 Bloggies Nomination

2007 Bloggies

Oh what the heck, let’s give this a shot. Nominations for the 2007 Weblog Awards (The Bloggies) have recently opened up and they added a new category for this year: Best Weblog about Music. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to nominate your favorite weblogs *cough* *cough*. You don’t have to fill out EVERY field, just the ones you think deserves it… oh and Yank Blog, too. Nominations close on 10pm EST January 10th. Thanks!

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January 03, 2007


January desktop wallpaper
Once again, it’s a new year, and what better way to start a new year, than with a new desktop wallpaper calendar. We have a new submitter this month who goes by the name of “Nina Y”. Congratulations Nina on your winning entry.  As you can see, Nina has some very artistic skills and knows how to draw a really cool amoeba house. I’m reminded of a little poem about amoebas that goes like this:
The amoeba is so small you need
A microscope to see one
It hurts the eyes, but I'll concede,
I'd rather see then be one
They never sing or laugh or talk
Or eat fondu or quiche
And if you take one for a walk
You need a tiny leash
I know the thing must have a brain
Although I couldn't tell you where
It sure must be an awful pain
To be so unicellular

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it comes from Carnival of the Animals Part II found on the same album where Al narrates Peter and the Wolf. Put this wallpaper on your desktop right now and be reminded daily of the keenness of amoebas. Have you got an idea to create a calendar? All you need are the rules for submitting a calendar. You’ll just need the February calendar and site logo.

If you need a FREE image and photo editor that can save in Photoshop format, try using GIMP.
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January 02, 2007

January Desktop Calendar Wallpaper – postponed

You’re probably thinking “Hey!  What gives?!  It’s already the 2nd day of the month and there’s no new desktop calendar thing for me to download.  What am I going to do now?”  Well at the moment, you’re not going to do anything because there’s no new calendar there.  HOWEVER, a very special late entry came in and after it goes through the steralizer, engraver, auditor, cellular, modular, interactive-odular, and scanner, it should be up on the site soon.  Oh what could possibly warrant this kind of hype?  Well, check back in the next 24 or 48 hours and you’ll see!  Until then, you can work on creating your own entry into the monthly desktop calendar wallpaper contest.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and heck, people will even admire you for it.

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